Friday, May 1, 2009

Recruiting in Good Times and Bad

One of my purposes in writing this blog is to put in one place the various topics on which I have written in the past and hope to write more about in the future. As you may have noted, sometimes I use an existing magazine or trade journal article to remind me of some of these things.

For this note, my inspiration is the May 2009 issue of Harvard Business Review. For today's article, I am looking at: "The definitive guide to recruiting in good times and bad," by Claudio Fernandez-Araoz, Boris Groysberg, and Nitin Nohria. It is full of good ideas, of course, many common knowledge, but with new ideas based on new research. I'll note the seven steps, today, and come back to them later, with more detail and my own observations:

1. Anticipate the Need
2. Specify the Job
3. Develop the Pool
4. Assess the Candidates
5. Close the Deal
6. Integrate the Newcomer
7. Audit and Review

In the article, page 79 (p. 2, on-line) has a most useful chart, based on the seven steps, listing for each: Poor Practices, Best Practices, and Implementation Challenges. Check them out - the full article is available, on-line.

Dr. Bill - I love to share, I hope you do to! ;-)

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