Friday, May 29, 2009

When you must close an operation...

We often hear that the best way to reduce the workforce or to close an operation is to: "Go Fast!"
Get it over with, and move on. In the May Issue of Harvard Business Review, Kenneth W. Freeman, based on his experience, and writing in "First Person" suggests a different approach. Check it out!

He says "it pays to go the extra mile for employees, customers, and suppliers. He has the experience, what he calls: "soft hands."

These are his suggestions (read the article to get the full impact, of course!):

1. Treat employees with dignity, fairness, and respect - the way you want to be treated.
2. Treat you customers and suppliers like valued partners during the shutdown process, and they will stick with you.
3. Manage the closure or layoff like a project... (carefully and thoughtfully- my words!)
4. Use judgment and, if necessary, fight back.

What do you think? What has your experience been? I'd love to hear from you!

Dr. Bill - I love to share, I hope you do to! ;-)

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